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Community Outreach

We strongly believe in giving back and empowering the wonderful community around us through many means. Any donation or involvement in the activities listed below directly benefits the growth and health of the community.


Food and Clothing Bank

Open Mon-Fri from 1 PM - 3 PM since 2003

Served 350 people including 60 homeless a week.

Something you need? Take it!

Something you can give? Bring it!

Giving to the Homeless

At Help Northwest we want to make sure that the disparaged members of our community are taken care of. To that extent we provide meals and distribute special care bags, blankets, tents, and tarps to the homeless individuals in the surrounding area.


Christmas Toy Distribution

We distribute toys for members of the surrounding community to gift to their children, as many as 300 children a year! Come stop by and pick something up for your child during the Holiday season!

Community Events

We serve a variety of community events to help and invigorate our community. These include:

  • Community Game Nights and Pot Luck

  • Distribute Essential Supplies once a month with the help of World Vision

  • Distribute school supplies every August


Family Camp

We host a family camp on the last weekend of August each year that allows the families of the community to connect and grow. 

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